Contract of Employment & Employee Handbook

Drafted for your exact business needs

We will evaluate your existing documents, and in consultation with you, agree any necessary amendments or additions.  If written documentation is not available, we will discuss with you your requirements and draft a written bespoke contract for up to three categories of employment within your business.  We will send you a first draft, ask you to read the contents thoroughly and note any changes you may wish to make. Then, following consultation with your consultant, a final Contract of Employment and Employee Handbook will be produced.

What happens after I purchase this Contract of Employment?

Once we have received payment, we will telephone you to discuss your exact needs alternatively if you wish to contact us beforehand please do so.


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Contract of Employment - Drafted for your exact business needs

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Why do you need a Contract of Employment?

An employment contract, or ‘contract of employment’, is an agreement between an employer and an employee which sets out the employee's employment rights, responsibilities and duties. The main terms should be issued to an employee within two months of their commencement of employment. The absence of a written document, covering the specific terms could lead to financial peanlties and will always make it more difficult to defend a claim made by an employee.

Why do you need an Employee Handbook?

An up to date Employee Handbook will assist in minimizing the risk of any dispute to Employment Tribunal or civil Court and will normally comprise a set of policies, procedures and rules which would typically be issued to the employee to clarify what conduct is and is not acceptable within the particular employment. Such policies will also help employers to ensure that they comply with their statutory duties.